Popa Arts is completely focused on digital art segment, we make art for the people in Metaverse. Focusing onto catering a community of people who loves digital art & collectibles.

We make NFTs which are more than just Collectibles.



Featured collection

Invisible Dolls NFT cover image

Invisible Dolls

Invisible punk are incomplete without their dolls, So we are launching Invisible dolls to complete the pair.

Invisible Punk NFT collection cover image

Invisible Punk

Hiding in the Metaverse!!

Invisible Punk is a collection of 1000 animated invisible characters.

Exclusive project by #popaarts

3D metaverse art gallery, Oncyber.io

What we do..

We are a community of people who wants to change the world with the help of art, we make character which people can relate with the real world, Rather our motto is to connect the physical & virtual world. Want to know how we gonna do that, Check our Roadmap.

Invisible Punk, our featured collection has no body, no face, he is not black he is not white anyone can relate it with themselves & be proud of it.

I think this is the best utility which a NFT collection can provide.

Soon we will be releasing Invisible dolls(Now Live), the female version of our featured collection of Invisible Punks.

Checkout the slideshow to get a glimpse of our projects.

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