About us

Popa Arts aims to serve the community of Digital art lovers.

Our vision is to make arts which are not just limited to virtual world but also present in as a physical & tangible form, So that people can feel the connection between the art & themselves. It provides great value & satisfaction to the holder of having the full ownership of the masterpiece.

Our collections are on the Polygon blockchain due to the high fees required for minting on the Ethereum blockchain. NFTs will be provided as ERC-1155 standard & are uploaded on the polygon blockchain by a process called lazy minting.

We believe that A person cannot call himself an Artist, Unless he can feel the pain of others, To prove our point we have decided to donate 20% money of our primary sales to Charity(Proof will be uploaded on the website).

Along with that soon we will be launching a new initiative which will provide a new platform allow people to help the needy in a Metaverse way.